When Cleaning Makes Things Worse – Making polluters pay for poisoned water

I read a great article by Walter Mugdan the EPA's Director of Emergency Response, about how toxic and dangerous cleaning fluids like Perc can be when they are allowed to contaminate  public water supplies. Much US water and air was contaminated by toxic chemicals like Perchlorethylene, a chlorinated solvent, which was verywidely used in dry … Continue reading When Cleaning Makes Things Worse – Making polluters pay for poisoned water

Obituary Sister Joan Mc Manus

https://www.akidwa.ie/obituary-sister-joan-mcmanus/ Sister Joan McManus, of the Sisters of Mercy, who died last Sunday, played a key role the early development of AkiDwA. Sister Joan helped AkiDwA to get started back in 1999, at a time when migrant women in Ireland had no proper place to meet  and many of us found to difficult  to find … Continue reading Obituary Sister Joan Mc Manus

Harry Kernoff was one of Ireland’s most under rated landscape artists

Although most of his pictures are of Dublin he travelled around the country & visited England & Paris. Portmarnock, Summer (1928), Making Hay at Renvyle (?1930s), The Metro, Paris (1931) & the Tram, Dublin Nocturne (1926) pic.twitter.com/NoTTiUefAV— Dr Robert Bohan (@RobertBohan) November 11, 2018

Use of Chemical weapons in Syria

A new report  says the situation is complicated, but a banned Chlorine bomb was very likely delivered by helicopter in Douma, killing 49 people and wounding more than 600. Excessive force was also likely used in Raqqa, where ISIL mingled with civilians to protect themselves and stopped people reporting atrocities. It's all very complicated, By … Continue reading Use of Chemical weapons in Syria