2. Richview’s Masonic Past

Masonic history of UCD’s Richview Lodge building, which houses UCD school of Architecture.

Hidden History of UCD

A brief look into the history of Richview Lodge which from 1885-1980 was a Masonic Boys’ School.

Richview Lodge in Clonskeagh, where the UCD School of Architecture is now based, was built in 1790 by the Powell Family.

In 1885 it was bought by the Freemasons of Ireland and developed into a Masonic Boys’ School, which only closed its doors in 1980.[1] Various freemasonry symbols can still be seen in and around the building today.

The school, which moved from Adelaide Hall because of overcrowding, was founded to “provide for the education and maintenance of the sons of deceased members of the Masonic Order” .[2] Sir Thomas Drew extended the school in the late 1880s. Drew was one of the most distinguished Irish architects of the 19th century. He was responsible for designing the Ulster Bank on Dame Street, Rathmines Town Hall, the Trinity College Graduate’s Building and…

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