Dublin’s newest plaque to be unveiled today.

delia larkin, Big Jim’s sister is remembered by a plaque unveiled recently

Come Here To Me!

Today sees the unveiling of a new plaque in Dublin in honour of the Irish Womens Workers’ Union, of which Delia Larkin (sister of Big Jim) was a founding member and leading activist. The plaque is the end product of a long campaign by the IWWU Commemorative Committee, who have worked greatly to have these women recognised in the context of this ‘decade of centenaries’. Not alone is 2013 the centenary of the greatest labour dispute in Irish history, but today marks the international day of women, making it a fitting occasion to unveil this plaque.

The committee themselves note that:

In 1911, the IWWU was set up and, within weeks, swiftly involved in a pay battle for their members against Jacobs factory. At the inaugural meeting Delia Larkin was appointed secretary with support from Countess Markieviez, and her brother Jim Larkin. Later the well-known actor Helena Moloney with Markieviez…

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