What is the Truth?

Rosie Hacket was a trade unionist who worked at Jacob’s Biscuits and who played a huge role in the 1913 lockout and in the 1916 rising. Should Dublin name a bridge after her?

Paula O' Sullivan

What is the truth? I’ve been pondering this for quite a while now. We stand here with our beliefs and we think that is the truth, just because we believe it ? Let us look from a higher perspective.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly… in your mind imagine your body becomes weightless and you feel yourself rising high, high up into the sky, above the planet Earth into space. And you look down, and you see all the peoples of the Earth, and you see that they like you have beliefs that they too think are the truth. However their truths are not the same as yours. Does that mean that they are all wrong? Does that mean that you are wrong? What can this mean? You look closer and you see that some are angry because others don’t believe the same as them, some people are killing and being…

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