Free Thyroid Talks on Wednesday 5pm in Russell Court Hotel

Ever wish you could meet up with a few other people to talk thyroid? Then you are in luck, because TSI's first F2F meeting is happening very soon. Thyroid Patients from across Ireland are being invited to meet others at a Dublin hotel to share tips and information about how they cope with different kinds … Continue reading Free Thyroid Talks on Wednesday 5pm in Russell Court Hotel

Saor Eire Manifesto from 1971

Sean McBride was one of the main minds behind Saor Eire, from 1967. It fought just one election against “gombeen Republicans” in power in the South

Irish Election Literature

From 1971 The Saor Eire Manifesto. Saor Eire were a Republican Left wing  group that operated between 1967 and 1973, this manifesto was its sole political statement.
You’ll find more information on them here

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Saor Eire Manifesto May 1971

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The Oldest Shop in Dublin, 4 Parliament Street

Is this the same building that was used as the James Joyce Chemist shop and run by volunteers? Or maybe that shop is just close by. Does anyone know what reckoning is used to say it is the oldest chop in Dublin?

Mannix Flynn

sword wall

This building was sold over a year ago.  Prior to that it had been closed to the public for almost 10 years.  When I lived over Thomas Reads I kept my eye on the building and the flooding that was taking place at the back of the premises.  A lot of work was done to divert the water into Crane lane and I have been into this premises ‘The Cutlers’ on many occasions over the past few years, making sure the cabinets and interiors were still on the premises and not getting damaged. Those artifacts should be immediately handed over to the care of the relevant conservationists for safe keeping.

They include the historical ledgers, silverware and some beautiful cabinets.  There were many attempts by local individuals to acquire this premises from the agents and receivers but to no avail. I personally tried to get Dublin City Council to acquire the…

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Naked Calendar sales fund Irish battle against forced fluoridation

Nude calendars are now firmly established as a fundraising vehicle for good causes, but they‘re still unusual in Ireland, where a 2014 Naked Fluoride Calendar featuring male and female health campaigners is bankrolling a Supreme Court battle against the Irish Government.The brave people from across Ireland who posed for The Naked Fluoride Calendar 2014 want … Continue reading Naked Calendar sales fund Irish battle against forced fluoridation