Free Thyroid Talks on Wednesday 5pm in Russell Court Hotel

Ever wish you could meet up with a few other people to talk thyroid?

Then you are in luck, because TSI’s first F2F meeting is happening very soon.

Thyroid Patients from across Ireland are being invited to meet others at a Dublin hotel to share tips and information about how they cope with different kinds of thyroid illness.

TSI is organizing the first ever Thyroid meet-up in Dublin on March 26 this year and you are invited.

The evening will kick off around 5 pm , with a fun quiz taking place from 7 pm in the Russell Court Hotel, on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.

As well as basic information for newly diagnosed patients on how to manage thyroid conditions, the event will include a talk by Sarah from Thyromind, a UK web site she set up nine years ago. Sarah will explain how thyroid malfunction can affect mental health and outline some useful strategies we can adopt that can help us to fight back and regain thyroid balance.

The meeting is being organised by Shan Kelly of Thyroid Support Ireland, an Irish patient organisation set up in 2010 which provides support on managing thyroid conditions.

Shan is hoping that a few of Thyroid Support Ireland’s 200 plus members will come along to Ireland’s first thyroid patient meeting in the Russell Court Hotel in Harcourt Street, from 5-7pm.

The informal gathering will be a chance for many Irish thyroid patients to meet people they have chatted with online through the TSI web site for the first time.

After the TSI meeting, a fun quiz night called Gameshows is being organised by Event Management students from Ballsbridge College of Further Education.

Anyone who plans on coming to the hotel for the TSI meeting is welcome to join in the fun by entering the Gameshows Quiz.

Gameshows will take place in the Hotel from 7-10pm.
Entry to Gameshows costs 7 euro per person and includes finger food.

Prizes on offer to the winners will, include some 2014 Naked Fluoride Calenders, which have been donated by anti-fluoride campaigner Aisling Fitzgibbon.

Aisling is taking the Irish Government to court this year for medicating Irish water with anti-thyroid drugs without gaining her consent.

All proceeds from the evening will go to The Friends of St Luke’s Hospital, a charity which supports children and adults who attend Ireland’s leading cancer treatment centre in Rathgar.

Hope You Can come along 🙂

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