Professor Vyvyan Howard’s 2013 Statement on Why Water Fluoridation should be stopped now

A toxicologist’s advice to the on why the risks of water fluoridation now outweigh any possible benefits to dental health. Prof. V. Howard of Ulster University advised the Irish Government to stop fluoridation in March 2013.

Pen 4 Hire Dublin

Statement on the fluoridation of public drinking supplies by Professor C V Howard. MB.
ChB. PhD. FSB. FRMS. FRCPath. 14/2/2013

1) I am a medically qualified toxico-pathologist and expert on effects of toxic substances
on the fetus and infant during the developmental period of life. I am a Past President of the
International Society of Doctors for the Environment, which is a World Health Organisation
and United Nations recognised NGO representing some 30,000 medical doctors around the
world. I have served on UK Government regulatory committees and am currently Professor
of Bioimaging at the University of Ulster. I served as an Expert Witness on fetal toxicology
causation in the case of Castillo vs Dupont in Miami, Florida.

2) Pre-industrial levels of fluoride in the environment were very low. There are now many
different sources of both therapeutic and pollutant sources of fluoride. The former can be
taken, under informed consent…

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