Senate debate calls for fluoride referendum in Ireland

This Wednesday Seanad Éireann will debate a motion noting the fundamental human right of every Irish citizen to choose whether or not they have their water medicated with fluoride, given that from the 1st October Irish residents are being asked to pay for water.

The private members bill was tabled by Senators Mary Ann O’Brien, Fergal Quinn, and Katherine Zappone. It follows statements by ten Irish local authorities asking the Government to repeal the 1960 Act brought in by Fianna Fail, which compels local authorities to fluoridate. The senators have acted following a three-year awareness campaign which has involved public stripping and the publication of a naked calendar which featured Councillors from both of the main political parties. The calendar page shown here highlights how fluorides in water can lead to thyroid illness, which are increasing across Ireland.

thyroidgirls want fun.jpg
caption id=”attachment_262″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Depression Link Fluoride is linked to rising rates of thyroid illness, depression , autism, Arthritis and Alzheimers [/caption] end

Thanks to the campaign, around 15,000 people across Ireland support anti-fluoride campaigners like Aisling Fitzgibbon, who is planning legal action against the Irish Government to challenge its 50-year-old mandate that public water must be fluoridated.
Anti-fluoride campaigners point to hundreds of studies which show that people who drink fluoridated water suffer more from Alzheimers, Arthritis and thyroid illness and do less well in IQ tests.
If the senate agrees with the motion, Irish citizens may win the right to vote on whether public water supplies should be medicated.

This debate could also pave the way for Irish citizens to legally refuse to pay water bills while the Government forces fluoridation without citizen’s consent. The job of the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) is to regulate Ireland’s new water authority Irish Water. The CER has just ruled that nobody in Ireland will have to pay for water which is unfit to drink.

The 5 pm debate in the Upper House of the Irish Parliament tomorrow should be interesting, given that water quality is also central issue in the upcoming Roscommon/Leitrim By-Election, a constituency where some people have not been able to drink tap water for two years due to contamination.

Aisling’s supporters in the Seanad include David Norris. Sen Norris spoke out against water fluoridation in a previous Seanad debate in january 2013.

It’s also well-timed because people around the country are protesting against the installation of water meters. Most object to paying for water they believe is not fit to drink.

The Fine Gael party promised it would stop water fluoridation back in 2001 but it dropped that plan in 2008 after the last Government, a Green Party/Fianna Fail coalition, reduced the maximum level of fluorides permitted in Irish Water. Last year Sinn Fein tried to ban the practice by producing a Dáil bill to make the policy illegal.

Sinn Fein’s Environment Spokesman Brian Stanley got litle support, but his move caused health minister James Reilly to ask the state-run Health Research Board to assess all the scientific research available on how safe the practice is at current levels . That report is due out in December.

Aisling co-ordinates the Irish campaign against water fluoridation through her website.

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