Dublin City Council backs Irish Anti-Fluoride campaign

Winning the right to drink fluoride free water in Ireland came one step closer last night after Dublin City Council voted to tell the Irish Government to end mandatory water fluoridation.

On the Dodder By  Scott Kelly
On the Dodder By Scott Kelly

Dublin City Councillors voted on Monday to end Ireland’s controversial mandatory water fluoridation policy, which is now linked to rising rates of thyroid illness, Alzheimers,dementia, depression and obesity.

Earlier this year a Review of research on water fluoridation conducted by scientists at the University of Kent concluded that fluoridation of municipal water may be more harmful than helpful, because any reduction in dental cavities attributed to fluoride may actually be due to increased use of toothpaste since the 1960s. Since 1999, it has been generally accepted by most scientific bodies that any dental benefits from fluoride use occur from its topical application rather than from drinking it.Singapore is the only other nation state which insists on fluoride compounds being added to all public water supplies.
Campaigners from across Ireland celebrated the Dublin City Council vote after Fianna Fail Councillors joined with those in rival republican party Sinn Fein to tell the Government that Dublin City Council believes compulsory water fluoridation has no place in a 21st century public health policy.

The Fianna Fail Ard Fheis passed a motion to end fluoridation earlier this year, 50 years after the 1960 bill that began the controversial policy was brought in by Health Minster Sean McEntee. after he won a historic court battle against Mum-of-five Gladys Ryan, despite Ryan being backed by thousands of people.

As many as 10,000 people are expected to protest in Dublin this Saturday at the Irish Government attempting to impose water charges when many public water supplies are undrinkable or contaminated with fluorides and other toxins. Estimates suggest that one in five of those who will march object to paying for water which is fluoridated without their consent.

Three Senators involved in the Irish food industry also raised the issue in the Senate last week, by suggesting that Ireland’s people have a right to say how the water they are being charged for is treated. Activists called for a Referendum on fluoridation.

A Review published in the Scientific World Journal in April 2014 included 92 studies and scientific papers and concluded that the 1950s research which attributed a reduction of children’s tooth decay to municipal water fluoridation may have been flawed. The Kent Review said that earlier assessments had not properly measured the potential harm from higher than average levels of fluoride ingestion.
The Kent Review noted that total fluoride intake from most municipalities can significantly exceed the maximum recommended intake of four milligrams a day and also noted that too much fluoride is associated with cognitive impairment, thyroid issues, higher fracture risk, dental fluorosis (mottling of enamel) and enzyme disruption. The University of Kent researchers also found clear evidence for increased risk of uterine and bladder cancers in areas where municipal water was fluoridated.
The Irish government has ordered its own review of the scientific studies which have been done on fluoride in order to establish just how safe and effective it’s 50-year-old policy is. That review is due to be published by the http://www.hrb.ie in December.

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