Overdose risk from Irish Water ‘s ageing fluoride systems

The Irish Government has  not shared any assessment  of  who will be held financially responsible if a fluoride dosing  system at one of the Republic’s 376  ageing fluoride treatment plants were to fail. One man died in Canada in the 1990s after an old fluoride dosing system there failed. The state had to pay  millions to compensate his family.
The ordinary health risks inherent in water fluoridation are magnified by the use of old systems, like those that Irish Water has just inherited responsibility for from 37 local authorities across the Republic.
Worse than the fact that this ever-controversial water policy may already  be causing  a few children to die every year from bone cancer or brain tumours, is the fact that overdosing risks increase as the dosing  equipment used to fluoridate water ages.

How much  of the cost of a fluoride systems failure  will be borne by the state?   Probably  the vast majority.
It would be  far better for Ministers Alan Kelly and  Leo Varadkar to remove such risks by simply ending mandatory water fluoridation on January 1st 2015. Ending fluoride dosing would cut ten million euro from water bills.
FluoridePage3Ministers  Leo Varadkar and Alan Kelly  need to  consider  the  increasing  financial and health risks of  operating fluoride dosing systems   in 2015 and to realise that it makes far more financial sense to negate them by ending the  Republic’s current mandatory policy  of water fluoridation.
Fine Gael promised to  stop water fluoridation when in opposition to The Greens and FF in 2000.
If this Government passed a statutory instrument removing the mandatory nature of fluoridation it would  absolve Irish Water of   the responsibility for continuing with this damaging and risky policy.
Municipalities in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto all ended decades-old fluoridation policies in 2014, as more Canadian citizens become aware of the increasing costs  and  risks  of the policy and demanded legislators respond by stopping fluoridation. Israel  also ended a  five decade long policy of water fluoridation in 2014. The UK Government lost a ten year  hightcourt battle to force residents in Hampshire to accept fluridation. The City of Dallas decided to stop fluoridating after it realised ending the pgolicy would save it $500 million  a year. Ireland needs to follow such global trends and accept the mounting reams of scientific evidence that  water fluoridation is far from harmless. Its benefits are at the very best, questionable.
Critics says savings from ending  Fluoridatin  would be far  better invested in teaching children better dental hygiene or on  building new water treatment plants that use  UV technology to produce clean water without relying on chemical dosage.
It makes no sense at all for Ireland to upgrade fluoride dosing equipment when most other state and municipal water authorities are removing fluorides from public water supplies.
Water Fluoridation means Increasing health risks
  In 2014 Thousands of People across Ireland have had to  live  with boil water notices because Irish Water is sub-standard and unsafe to drink. In many places it is not treated in modern plants.
Parliamentary questions should  focus on asking Ministers Leo Varadkar and Alan Kelly to quantify whether it will be Irish Water or the Government that will be held responsible should our old dosing systems fail and cause fatalities here.  Who will pay for a fluoride systems failure?
How many people will have to die before Fine Gael keeps its 2000 promise to stop water fluoridation?

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