Spotlight Thrown on the Regressive Costs that Subsidise UK’s Failed Wind Power Policy & Hammer the Poor

Dr John Constable says that well intentioned Government energy subsidiesare flawed because they prop up poor technologies and also penalise the poor most.


john constable Dr John Constable: wind power is a failure on all scores.


Our data shows that climate policies aren’t working. Why does that scare our opponents?
The Telegraph
Dr John Constable
2 Apr 2015

The solution to climate change lies in unleashing the ingenuity of the market – not in top-down subsidies which penalise the poor to prop up inadequate technologies

Since 2004, the charity I run, the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), has been highlighting the fatal flaws in our energy and climate policies. Despite all their market-style decorations, these boil down to a well-intentioned but misconceived attempt to pick winners – which too often prove to be quite the reverse.

Here’s an example: subsidies to renewable electricity in the UK alone are running at nearly £4 billion a year, and will have risen to about £8 billion a year in 2020, with perhaps another £5 billion a year…

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