Common mistakes Latvians make in English

Thanks for sharing some of the problems Latvians experience when learning English. It’s very helpful for people who are learning how to teach to know them.

The Real Riga

Languages are like arts, they look easy on the eye, but are seriously easy to make mistakes in. Tony Blair once tried to show off his French  by telling the French Prime Minister how much he envied him, but ended up saying in French that he wanted to be his boyfriend.

Hot hot dogs are big in Kazakhstan. Hot hot dogs are big in Kazakhstan.

I’ve been guilty of similar gaffes myself, mispronouncing the “c” in the word “cūka” had disastrous consequences when I once tried to order pork in a restaurant in my first month here. I even invented new Latvian words like puķot (to pick flowers) which doesn’t exist. However, given that Latvian has verbs like sēņot (to pick mushrooms) and ogot (to pick berries) I don’t think it would be such a bad addition.

Latvia has done amazingly well with foreign languages. Every day I have to tell Latvian civil servants, who already fluently speak…

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