Make them poor enough to want to work – A response to Joan Burton’s “Incentive to work” comments

The Government’s attack on one parent families says that child care can be reduced to an efficient two hours a day!! I a simple mathematical formula of three meals of 20 minutes each

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"A woman's place is in the  revolution" “A woman’s place is in the revolution”

Ireland’s leading lady Joan Burton has declared in her alluring, yet boring tones, that taking away the Single Parent Payment when a child is seven will give “single parents an incentive” to return to work. Incentive “a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.” Yes I can see how this new legislation will be a fabulous incentive for struggling families as starvation is definitely a motivating factor for any mother bear. I’m delighted to see that Joan and I share a passion for wildlife documentaries and that the law of the jungle plays such an integral part in the formation of Irish legislation.

This Darwinian approach could be exactly what the doctor ordered. We have been carrying those lazy full time parents for too long. An entire section of society that contributes nothing to our economy. Just take, take, take. Christ…

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The market value of Anglo Irish Bank was overstated by one-third for 14 years

According to  information obtained by former banker Peter Mathews TD,  an alleged 1 Billion euro fraud  at  Anglo, NAMA and IBRC was systemic, not sporadic. Extra interest was  added to 80% of loans taken out  and this was actively concealed from the bank's  clients. Anglo might have been over-inflating its margin by a third, Year, after year, after … Continue reading The market value of Anglo Irish Bank was overstated by one-third for 14 years

NAMA, the NTMA and The Public Interest

A third of the people working for NTMA aand NAMA earn more tha n 100,000 a year and 16 earn more than 200,000 p.a. so why are they selling national assets like Booterstown marsh off so cheaply? many of the deals they have made had been very poor value for Irish taxpayers.

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Having purchased the Sunday Independent (17th May),  largely for a 10 Euro off Lidl voucher, I came across an article on N.A.M.A that was both alarming and eye opening.

I have long held the view that this outfit would end up as a national scandal at some stage. On reading this article I discovered that we have taken stupidity and incompetence to a whole new level. But first a brief recap:

The NTMA is the body which handles the state debt. It incorporates NAMA (the National Asset Management Agency), the body established by the Government to handle toxic bank loans.

Recent figures reveal staff at the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), which incorporates NAMA, to be among the best-paid in the public sector. The figures show:
– 202 NTMA staff earn up to €100,000.
– 65 earn between €100,001 and €150,000.
– 22 earn between €150,001 and €200,000.

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50 years of failure – still not enough research to say if fluorides are harmful –

The long awaited HRB Review of  studies probing How Fluorides Affect Human Health has found no definitive evidence that fluoridation of public water supplies  has any positive or negative effects on health.  So after  more than a years' work by Irish researchers, they have  concluded that not enough research  has been done for them to say whether fluorides in … Continue reading 50 years of failure – still not enough research to say if fluorides are harmful –