Make them poor enough to want to work – A response to Joan Burton’s “Incentive to work” comments

The Government’s attack on one parent families says that child care can be reduced to an efficient two hours a day!! I a simple mathematical formula of three meals of 20 minutes each

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"A woman's place is in the  revolution" “A woman’s place is in the revolution”

Ireland’s leading lady Joan Burton has declared in her alluring, yet boring tones, that taking away the Single Parent Payment when a child is seven will give “single parents an incentive” to return to work. Incentive “a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.” Yes I can see how this new legislation will be a fabulous incentive for struggling families as starvation is definitely a motivating factor for any mother bear. I’m delighted to see that Joan and I share a passion for wildlife documentaries and that the law of the jungle plays such an integral part in the formation of Irish legislation.

This Darwinian approach could be exactly what the doctor ordered. We have been carrying those lazy full time parents for too long. An entire section of society that contributes nothing to our economy. Just take, take, take. Christ…

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