The Composition of Next Government?

What about if Sinn fein were a leading member of the coalition? ClannNa Poblachta leader Mac Bride told the small farmer and cottier supporters of Clann Na Poblachta that he had to go into coalition with Fine Gael to break the Fianna Fail ganger system of allocating work on the roads. Collins said the Treaty would give us the freedom to win freedom. Collins was right.

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DISCUSSION: FG/ Sinn Féin Coalition? Could it happen?

The Dublin parliament is a totally different matter to the Stormont Assembly

Despite severe de facto limitations on its actual powers, it is technically a sovereign parliament and is viewed as such and expected to act as such by the population.
There is no threat of a return to domination by a Unionist caste as in the north.
I believe that participation by Sinn Féin in a government in Dublin which did not deliver significant economic gains to the majority of the population and did not make serious progress in enhancing Irish unity and sovereignty would lead to a collapse in electoral support for Sinn Féin in the 26 counties. The party would follow the downward road travelled by Clann na Poblachta,The Workers Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party. If Sinn Féin participated in a government which implemented austerity in…

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Our underground / grass roof house on RTE’ About The House

Great example of re-design and re-using an old building by adding a green roof


Finally I have got round to ripping the DVD and uploading the clip of me and our house on RTE’s ‘About The House’ from 2007; actually I bribed my 15 year old with €10 to get the job done (so thanks Conor).

So here it is, broadcast in November as Programme 8 in 2007 of Irelands premier property series presented by Architect Duncan Stewart, it’s me and Angie taking a guided walk around our own unique, underground house in County Mayo, Ireland.

The archived RTE web site from the programme can be viewed HERE and the main About The House site index can be seen HERE

Fascinating to see this clip again as it’s been at the bottom of the DVD pile for a while; what’s particularly interesting is remembering the rush at getting things moderately ready for the TV crew when the house wasn’t even finished – my 2nd…

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Interview with Frontiers in Retreat artist, Carl Giffney

Irish Sculptor Carl Giffney helped to set up The Good Hatchery in 2007 after graduating from IADT. The Good Hatchery is an artist-led space, founded by five graduates straight out of college which has been operating in Ireland for seven years. It is based in a former industrial school in  rural north Offaly. The 19th century building was  sourced through the internet – from Free-cycle.

The Good Hatchery focuses on supporting the development of ambitious art practices that have to do with their own relationships to place or are context specific in some form. In 2015, the Good Hatchery is  still directed by two of its five founders, Carl Giffney and Ruth E Lyons. It has  sixteen board members, studio artists and it also runs residencies, events and curated projects.  It  completed a major renovations programme last year and held an event to celebrate this spring.

Originally five art school graduates put up a wanted ad for a building in Dublin, but they found one in the middle of nowhere which was quite amazing.

The five graduates renovated the place, wired it, plumbed it, put the windows in, using materials they got for free. It was the time of the Celtic tiger in Ireland, everyone was churning up their houses and putting in new fancier things, and getting rid of their stuff, so it was very easy to get things. After some curated projects and collaborations we attracted a little bit of funding for things like windows and insurance.

it is  largely unfunded, although it has had funding from the Irish Arts Council and the Arts Office a couple of years ago.


Artist Carl Giffney joined us for a two week research residency from 2 – 16 June 2014, and is the second artist to attend SSW as part of the five year EU project Frontiers in Retreat.  Three artists are working with SSW over 2014/15 – Fernando Dory Garcia completed his research residency in May and returns to us in September, and Brett Bloom joins us in July.

Where are you joining us from?

The last project I did was in America, with a great artist called Andreas Kindler von Knobloch. It was a three month residency in a place called Paul Artspace, in St.Louis. The work involved excavating a huge 268kg quartz crystal, which is piezo-electric. We then transported it in a ’98 Ford Ranger to sites of crystal meth labs, or former crystal meth labs, and also to bars and supermarkets. We used the quartz to generate electricity and manufactured…

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#Syria – @hands4syr reach Damascus suburbs this Ramadan!

So glad to hear that 50 families in besieged Damascus have food today because of people giving in the UK


Made my day!! Finally with the grace of Allah the British registered charity Hand in Hand for Syria have successfully reached the **almost impossible** besieged Damascus suburbs and fed 50 families for Ramadan – starving people fed..all thanks to the donors :):)

Keep it coming and spread the word


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