The Composition of Next Government?

What about if Sinn fein were a leading member of the coalition? ClannNa Poblachta leader Mac Bride told the small farmer and cottier supporters of Clann Na Poblachta that he had to go into coalition with Fine Gael to break the Fianna Fail ganger system of allocating work on the roads. Collins said the Treaty would give us the freedom to win freedom. Collins was right.

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DISCUSSION: FG/ Sinn Féin Coalition? Could it happen?

The Dublin parliament is a totally different matter to the Stormont Assembly

Despite severe de facto limitations on its actual powers, it is technically a sovereign parliament and is viewed as such and expected to act as such by the population.
There is no threat of a return to domination by a Unionist caste as in the north.
I believe that participation by Sinn Féin in a government in Dublin which did not deliver significant economic gains to the majority of the population and did not make serious progress in enhancing Irish unity and sovereignty would lead to a collapse in electoral support for Sinn Féin in the 26 counties. The party would follow the downward road travelled by Clann na Poblachta,The Workers Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party. If Sinn Féin participated in a government which implemented austerity in…

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