Fluoridation without consent continues and the ‘health’ industry profits

Israel stopped water fluoridation over a year ago, and the USA has reduced the maximum permitted level, while activists in ireland the UK, Canada NZ and Australia are all demanding their states stop adding fluorides to water. UK Scientists here note that people should be aware of the limitations of evidence about its potential harms and that it would be almost impossible to detect small but important risks (especially for chronic conditions) after introducing fluoridation.

It contends that fluoride appears to comply with the legal definition of a medicinal product in the European Union (Codified Pharmaceutical Directive 2004/27/EC, Article 1.2), adding that in 1983 a British judge, Lord Jauncey, ruled that fluoridated water falls within that definition. He refers to the Medicines Act 1968: “Section 130 defines ‘medicinal product’ and I am satisfied that fluoride in whatever form it is ultimately purchased by the respondents falls within that definition.”

Our Birmingham

Birmingham – together with only 10% of the UK’s population – accepted the expense of adding fluoride to its water supplies in 1964. Scientific research gives cause for concern on several counts.

Though apologists stress that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water, tea and fish they are economical with the truth: the supplement in water delivered by Severn Trent is one of eleven industrial chemicals now classified as developmental neurotoxins, according to research published in the Lancet.

peter mansfieldSome readers reacted strongly last year after seeing our reference to Birmingham council’s eulogy of fluoridation – one was Dr Peter Mansfield, who has done research on this issue in the city and took part in the York Review, which figures in the reports by Earl Baldwin and Professor KK Cheng.

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