The World Food Program has won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize because peace is difficult to work for when people are hungry. But If we think COVID is bad, climate change is really, really going to get a lot worse, especially when we start really getting the full impacts in a couple of decades.

An increase in extreme weather events driven by climate change. will create widespread food insecurity in coming months and years, becausecombined with increasing conflicts, trade disputes, and overutilization of natural resources. All these factors will create a perfect storm affecting both production, supply and people's ability to buy food. Climate change is the greatest long-term threat to global food security, says Mario Herrero, Chief Research Scientist in Agriculture and Food at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. The average annual number of extreme weather events, such as droughts and unusual floods, has more than doubled since the early 1990s, to more than 200. Meanwhile agricultural seasons are becoming destabilized or shortened.

A tailored media relations service

Pen 4 Hire provided AkiDwA, Ireland's advocacy network for migrant women, with a tailored media relations service in 2019. Working as AkiDwA Communications Officer on a part-time basis, Shan Kelly helped the Dublin-based charity to develop a new communications strategy that included a more responsive and engaged social media presence; a redesign of the … Continue reading A tailored media relations service


Conference: Ireland still needs a National Action Plan to end Female Genital Mutilation

Senator Ivana Bacik opened the AkiDwA Conference on FGM in October 2019 by calling on the Irish Government to commit the resources needed to develop a national action plan to eradicate all forms of the harmful traditional practice. FGM is estimated to have already affected more than 5000 women and girls living in Ireland. Senator … Continue reading Conference: Ireland still needs a National Action Plan to end Female Genital Mutilation

Obituary Sister Joan Mc Manus Sister Joan McManus, of the Sisters of Mercy, who died last Sunday, played a key role the early development of AkiDwA. Sister Joan helped AkiDwA to get started back in 1999, at a time when migrant women in Ireland had no proper place to meet  and many of us found to difficult  to find … Continue reading Obituary Sister Joan Mc Manus

Use of Chemical weapons in Syria

A new report  says the situation is complicated, but a banned Chlorine bomb was very likely delivered by helicopter in Douma, killing 49 people and wounding more than 600. Excessive force was also likely used in Raqqa, where ISIL mingled with civilians to protect themselves and stopped people reporting atrocities. It's all very complicated, By … Continue reading Use of Chemical weapons in Syria