About Shan Kelly

College of Commerce, Rathmines Pic by Pat Stacey
Me at 19
When I was studying at the College of Commerce, Rathmines
Pic by Pat Stacey

One thought on “About Shan Kelly

  1. Hi Shan,
    I am David Stack. I like what you are doing with WordPress. I recently studied web development with a view to developing a site which would promote local businesses. I am currently setting up a site called http://www.windyarbour.enterprises.ie I got my certification with the National College of Ireland. The site will be a centre where people can see what businesses are nearby and display a web page for each of those businesses, it will be entirely free from popup ads. The overall plan is to inform local customers about those shopping areas which are nearby but not known because they are off the beaten track. For example I live on Roebuck road and often go to Dundrum and the city centre or Stillorgan to buy things which are available nearer in Windyarbour, where I never go. I am hoping to show case as many businesses as possible along with their services, products, menus etc. I believe you are involved with WAVA, I wonder if you have some ideas we could share to raise the profile of Windyarbour.
    What I am doing is also a work in progress.
    Best Regards
    David (086)8273198

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